Tuesday, June 16, 2009

OSCON 2009.

OSCON 2009.

OSCON 2009 is open for business. Now more than ever, open source technology is the smart choice for navigating uncertain economic waters. In a competitive business environment, open source gives you the means to drive down costs while increasing system and staff efficiencies. OSCON 2009 is where you'll find the latest information and new ways to connect with the growing community that is open source. If you are unaware of the latest developments in the open source world then this is the place where you belong. OSCON 2009 offers sessions, tutorials and activities. Get to hear from the experts on Administration, Fundamentals, PHP, Business, Government, Programming, Cloud Computing, Java, Python, Databases, Linux, Ruby, Design and Usability, Mobile, Security, Desktop Applications, People, Ubuntu, Emerging Topics, Perl, Web Applications etc. Its an opportunity for you to discover the geek inside you. Get to know about latest and cool open source projects. To know more about it click here.

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