Thursday, June 11, 2009

Twitter Boot Camp.

Twitter Boot Camp.

Hi...This is my first post so I try to be very short and precise on this. Well, this one is for Twitter freaks. This is about the one day Twitter Boot Camp which runs from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. on the 15th of June. Join O'Reilly Media Founder and CEO Tim O'Reilly, Endelman Digital SVP Steve and Twitter expert Sarah Milstein at this one day boot camp. Learn the best practices and apply it to engage your customers and grow your business.

People who are into advertising and marketing, business owners seeking to increase visibility and improved customer experience as well as individuals interested in personal brand building will really find this boot camp helpful. The rapid growth and popularity of Twitter has completely transformed the paradigm of online marketing. At first glance, Twitter seems simple, easy to understand and use, but as you start using it, you'll soon find that it can be quite difficult to figure out how to make best use of it. Twitter Boot Camp will put you in the catbird seat by showing you exactly how to put this powerful and effective tool to work for your business or organization. In messages no longer than 140 characters, you truly can heighten visibility, improve your customer service, monitor and participate in conversations about your brand, crowd-source new product ideas, and keep an eye on tweets by and about your competitors and this event will teach you the most efficient and effective ways to make it happen.

The general registration fee is $399. There are other package and group registrations available. Anyone eager to know more about it can click here.

To register click here.


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