Monday, June 22, 2009

Twitter Marketing Tool Software.

Twitter Marketing Tool Software.

This one is for twitter freaks. Its an automated twitter friend finder, in short tweet adder. Its a very useful tool for both kinds of people, i mean people with lots of twitter friends and the ones who are new to twitter. Twitter is very important application today specially for guys who are into marketing like marketing a particular website or a blog or a product for example. Twitter is the easiest and fastest way to get to your customers. But the most difficult part is getting people to follow you on twitter. This tool will help do exactly this. It will help you target your niche customers.

Increase Twitter and site traffic to your event, charity, service, business, band, blog, website, ins short anything you want to advertise. Find like-minded people in your niche. These people wont stop following you as you guys share the same interests. Auto follow up to 1000 targeted profiles per day. Get new followers everyday. You can also send automated scheduled tweets and direct messages everyday without being actually active (how cool is this!!!). You can set targets by keywords in the users bio or you can target people based on local or global location. You can look for a blogger or reporter or an engineer or you can target people in a particular place say New York. You can also look for the followers of a particular user. You can manage multiple twitter accounts from the same console. All of these and that too automated. So, if you rely heavily on Twitter for your work, this tool is going to make it easy. Just set it and forget about it. So, if you are eager enough to know more about it, go ahead and click here.


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